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Nueva Alma Yoga And Wellness

Nueva Alma Yoga and Wellness opened their doors in April 2012.  Owner Erica Garcia was teaching at another studio previously and was happy to bring her existing clients to her very ownstudio, and when a Groupon offer went live, news of the studio starting spreading fast! Erica had a basic build-it-yourself site through GoDaddy, but felt restricted by the limitations, and felt that the existing site didn’t reflect the studio, or her deeply personal connection to it.

Shortly after the studio opened, Rosewater Media’s owner Kim Holocher-Furletti, met Erica through the Groupon offer, and found a new home with her yoga practice at Nueva Alma.  Wanting the studio to succeed, she approached Erica about redesigning the website.  Over the course of many conversations, a couple photo shoots, and some serious reflection over the course of a few months, we were able to make Erica feel like Nueva Alma had a website worth bragging about.  Much care was taken to add functionality that would make the user-experience easier and more informative, such as the ability to reserve a class and keep up on “Studio Happenings”.

Since then, the studio has expanded its clients and offerings.  Nueva Alma has its own line of personal care products, and in 2016 they opened a teacher training school called the ALMA Institute.  As part of that important growth, Rosewater Media redesigned their website, making it Responsive to fit today’s technology. We’re looking forward to our continued relationship with Nueva Alma and seeing their continued success.

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