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Blue Isis LLC

Blue Isis is a Program Management and Talent Development consultant.  Their clientele is global, so they needed to put their best face forward.  Initially, they put up a website using a build-it-yourself solution.  The restrictiveness of the build-it-yourself tool made the site look disorganized and unprofessional.  Rosewater Media designed a logo for Blue Isis and helped them bring their brand to life online with a well-crafted website that clearly delivers information to their clients.


After the initial site build, Blue Isis came back to us for social media advice.  Being new to social media, we helped them craft a clear message and established a social media presence for them on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.  Rosewater Media continues to support Blue Isis in their social media endeavors by regularly posting to their social media outlets, and the blog that they contribute to, called PM Think.